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Why use Infinity Glass & Mirror


  • If someone broke into your house or if the glass windows of your house have been damaged due to storm, we can fix it for you at a very reasonable cost. Just call at our emergency number and we would be at your doorstep in a flash!
  • Fogging or seal failure can make windows difficult to clean, making them look dull. If you are facing this problem with windows, we can help you fix it. You don’t even need to replace the entire window; we can fix it just by changing its glass. Our insulated glass units come with a guarantee of ten years!
  • We can help you renovate your bathroom(s) and help make it look much bigger, beautiful and stylish just by using glasses in proper places and in appropriate orientation. For this we have  custom framed showers and tub enclosures,heavy glass frameless shower and steam enclosures, Glass table tops and shelves (any pattern), Plate glass (clear, obscure and colored), Safety glass (tempered and laminated), Plexiglass and lexan, Fireplace and wood stove glass at our disposal.

You can even ask us to customize these products, to make them appear unique and more ‘you’.

Residential Glass Services

Old windows need to be changed in time because:

  • Old windows might leak and shoot up your power consumption
  • Old and dull windows look ugly
  • If they don’t lock properly, your home security is compromised

So, if any or all of the above symptoms have made you need a window replacement, you can rely on us with your eyes closed. All you need to do is give us a call, and we will cater to your needs, either on the very same day or make it the first thing in the morning.

In case your window is broken, our employees will arrive at your location to handle the situation and secure the opening. We’ll replace the opening with our stock material or as per your suggestion, a material of your desire. This is an overhead expense and is sent to your insurance company. You can avoid this extra expense by following these simple steps:

  • Review the damaged structure carefully and thoroughly
  • Secure the damaged area using suitable material
  • Remember to safely dispose the broken glass using paper supermarket bags. Smaller pieces can be easily picked up using a wet towel.

We also have our own scaffolding, swinging stage, and lifts, which help us in ensuring quick service and safety of the people, from the hardware.

If you need an estimated cost that would be incurred by the replacement or renovation, you can always call us or visit our office. Our experts would visit your place, survey it and get back to you in no time, with a pocket friendly budget, accompanied by quality assurance.

Commercial Glass Services

We provide the following services for your commercial setups:

Glass replacements

We provide immediate service for your storefront damage. As soon as you find it out, just give us a call, and leave the rest to us, the experts! Our company would secure the opening with a temporary glaze which, although comes with an extra cost but is sent to your insurance company, to get the charges reimbursed, until the suitable glass is brought from the manufacturing unit.

We take care of all the broken glasses. All you need to do is sit back and relax. Your problems are ours from the moment you engage with Infinity Glass and Mirror.

At Infinity Glass and Mirrors, we care for your security, so we operate24 hours a day. The care for our people doesn’t let us remain limited to glass and mirrors so if you are unable to lock your door because of a broken frame, shout out to us, and we’d repair or replace any part (electric strikes, closures, locks, and pull hardware, stile and rail joints) from the frame.

However, we don’t repair automatic doors, spindle or canopy of a revolving door, but we surely do replace and repair the glass and/or any mechanical hardware.

Other horizons of our services include:

Building makeovers

We also renovate office buildings, storefronts, and other similar setups. We have clients from all the domains, who are benefitting from our building makeovers for gyms, fitness centers, dance studios, schools and other commercial applications.

Bullet resistant glazing

Some establishments require bulletproof glasses which tend to be very expensive. Well, the good news is that we provide a cheaper alternative to such glasses in the form of our bullet resistant glazing which is light weight and lesser expensive, giving you the best of both worlds!

We keep a large variety of aluminum frames and glasses ready for installation in our store, which, when bought, can be picked or can be left to us, and we will have it delivered, safely, at your place.

Engage with Infinity glass and mirrors for quick, reliable and customer centric service. Call us at: 210-655-4527 today!