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Residential Glass Repair Service San Antonio

Infinity Glass Company – Our Residential Glass Repair Services

Infinity Glass Company, provides 24 hour glass repair & replacement services for homes, apartments, Custom Glass throughout San Antonio.  Whether your glass is broken, or you desire more energy-efficient windows, depend on us.  We also have our own scaffolding, swinging stage, and lifts to ensure quick service. San Antonio Residential Glass & Window service is your first choice.

Window Repair & Replacement

When your glass or mirrors has been broken, our glass company arrives at your location within the same day to take care of the issue.  However, when the damage occurs late in the afternoon, we may board the opening for the evening and start the repairs the next day. Your home or storefront window is replaced with our stock material or with special material at your request. Please note that these orders delay the repairs and that an extra charge may be sent to your insurance company. We can help your San Antonio Residential Glass repair or replacement

Window, Glass Replacement in San Antonio Texas Insulated or Tempered Glass

Insulated units or tempered glass must be ordered for your repair.  We temporarily glaze or board the area at an extra cost, which is covered by insurance, until we receive the manufactured glass.  Our staff provides an expected delivery day along with your estimate. Tips: • Tiny glass fragments come up easily with a wet paper towel. • Dispose of larger glass shards in a paper supermarket bag instead of plastic. • Save money by boarding the opening yourself using plywood, tempered hardboard, cardboard, or plastic and heavy tape. Contact us to request an estimate for glass replacement for your residential property.

Glass company in San Antonio tx

Glass company in San Antonio tx

Need residential Glass in San Antonio?

Old windows can present many problems.

  • If they leak, they can run up your heating and cooling bills.
  • If they look outdated, they lower the value and appeal of your home.
  • If they’re broken or don’t lock properly, they create a security risk.
  • If they don’t operate smoothly or tilt in for easy cleaning, they can be very frustrating.
  • San Antonio Residential Glass services including repair, replacement, & Insulating.

San Antonio Residential Glass repair, broken window glass. When you make the decision to upgrade your home’s windows, call Infinity Glass Company. We carry window glass from CGI, PGT and WinDoor, and we’ll be happy to work with you to find window glass that complements your home’s exterior and meet your other requirements, whether you’re looking for wood sash, aluminum or vinyl-glazed windows.

Residential Glass Services

Old windows need to be changed in time because:

  • Old windows might leak and shoot up your power consumption
  • Old and dull windows look ugly
  • If they don’t lock properly, your home security is compromised

So, if any or all of the above symptoms have made you need a window replacement, you can rely on us with your eyes closed. All you need to do is give us a call, and we will cater to your needs, either on the very same day or make it the first thing in the morning.

In case your window is broken, our employees will arrive at your location to handle the situation and secure the opening. We’ll replace the opening with our stock material or as per your suggestion, a material of your desire. This is an overhead expense and is sent to your insurance company. You can avoid this extra expense by following these simple steps:

  • Review the damaged structure carefully and thoroughly
  • Secure the damaged area using suitable material
  • Remember to safely dispose the broken glass using paper supermarket bags. Smaller pieces can be easily picked up using a wet towel.

We also have our own scaffolding, swinging stage, and lifts, which help us in ensuring quick service and safety of the people, from the hardware.

If you need an estimated cost that would be incurred by the replacement or renovation, you can always call us or visit our office. Our experts would visit your place, survey it and get back to you in no time, with a pocket friendly budget, accompanied by quality assurance.

Call now 210-655-GLASS (4527) for your FREE estimate.