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San Antonio Glass & Mirror Service

Infinity Glass & Mirror Company serves the San Antonio area and all the surrounding cities as far north as Waco.

Southeast Texas cities we service

San Antonio Glass and Mirror Installation


san-antonio-glass-and-mirrorsan-antonio-glass-and-mirrorsan-antonio-glass-and-mirrorInfinity Glass & Mirror Company

At San Antonio Glass and Mirror we repair and replace any glass from residential applications to commercial storefronts.

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Glass Types

  • Annealed – Untreated glass (used mostly for table tops to protect furniture)
  • Tempered – Heat treated glass (considered a safety glass)
  • Laminated – Glass with plastic center (considered a safety glass)
  • Impact Resistant – Thicker glass with thicker plastic center
  • Bullet Resistant – Thickest glass with plastic & polycarbonates
  • X-ray Glass – Lead applied product
  • Insulated Units – Double pane glass with airspace (used mostly for home and business windows)
  • Wire Glass – Glass with wire enbedded into it (considered a fire rated and safety glass)
  • Fire Resistant – Glass to withstand fire outbreak
  • Polycarbonate – Plastics
  • Lexans – Plastics with breakproof properties
  • Etc…

Mirror Types

  • Polish Plate Mirror – Technical term for your regular mirror. A plate glass with a mirror coating
  • Convex Mirrors – Security mirrors
  • Plexi Glass Mirrors – Clear plastic with the same type of coating to give its appearence
  • Mirror Products – Mirror products are your mirror frames, clips, plates, grills, mirror hangers, J Bars, mastics and tapes, Etc..
  • Etc…

Services: San Antonio Glass and Mirror

  • Commercial Storefronts – Standard doors and windows for commercial buildings
  • Automatic Door Systems – Door system typically for commercial buildings
  • Doors & Windows – New doors and windows and replacements for commercial and residential buildings
  • Hardware assembly for Doors – Typically your handles and bars
  • Panic Devices
  • Door Closures
  • Pivot Assemblies
  • Electric Strikes
  • Table Tops
  • Tub Enclosures
  • Shower doors
  • Etc...


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