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Commercial Glass Service San Antonio Texas

Commercial Glass Replacement

For any breakage to your storefront windows, call and we will be at your location the same day.  If the damage occurs late in the afternoon, we may board the opening for the evening and repair it the next day.  Insulated units or tempered glass must be ordered and we temporarily glaze or board it at an extra cost (which is covered by insurance) until we receive the manufactured glass.  We remove and clean up all broken glass from the opening.

Aluminum Door Repair

  • We repair or replace any part (electric strikes, closures, locks, pull hardware, stile and rail joints) in aluminum frames.  We operate emergency repair 24 hours a day if you cannot lock your entrance.
  • We do not repair the electronics in automatic entrance doors, but we replace the glass and any mechanical hardware.
  • We do not repair the spindle or canopy of a revolving door, but we replace the glass and any exposed hardware.

New,  Remodeled Storefronts & Office Buildings

  • We fabricate and install throughout the San Antonio area.

Bullet Resistant Glazing

  • For cashiers, Rated bullet resistant glass is expensive and can cost $100 per square foot installed.  There are plastics that many store owners request that is far less expensive and may stop some of the bullets, some of the time.  Inquire for a written quote.

Mall Fronts

  • We complete any glass interior (or exterior) entrance within the always tight mall renovation schedule. We also install the interior mirrors, sandblasting, and glass shelves.  We do not install aluminum gates, but we do install the sliding aluminum doors.  We have completed hundreds of installations throughout Texas.

Window Damage & Break-Ins

  • Emergencies and immediate rebuilding of totally damaged entrances is our specialty.  We stock dozens of doors and a hundred of varieties of aluminum frames.

Commercial Ventilating Windows

  • For schools and office buildings.


  • We install in gyms, fitness centers, dance studios and other commercial applications.  Also transparent mirror and electronic privacy glass that becomes obscure with an activation switch.

Wholesale Sheets and Cases

  • We stock a large range of mirrors, laminated glass and flat glass, pick up or we can deliver to your shop.  Inquire for a quote.
  • We also repair flat glass in cranes, backhoes, and boats.

Commercial Glass Services

We provide the following services for your commercial setups:

Glass replacements

We provide immediate service for your storefront damage. As soon as you find it out, just give us a call, and leave the rest to us, the experts! Our company would secure the opening with a temporary glaze which, although comes with an extra cost but is sent to your insurance company, to get the charges reimbursed, until the suitable glass is brought from the manufacturing unit.

We take care of all the broken glasses. All you need to do is sit back and relax. Your problems are ours from the moment you engage with Infinity Glass and Mirror.

At Infinity Glass and Mirrors, we care for your security, so we operate24 hours a day. The care for our people doesn’t let us remain limited to glass and mirrors so if you are unable to lock your door because of a broken frame, shout out to us, and we’d repair or replace any part (electric strikes, closures, locks, and pull hardware, stile and rail joints) from the frame.

However, we don’t repair automatic doors, spindle or canopy of a revolving door, but we surely do replace and repair the glass and/or any mechanical hardware.

Other horizons of our services include:

Building makeovers

We also renovate office buildings, storefronts, and other similar setups. We have clients from all the domains, who are benefiting from our building makeovers for gyms, fitness centers, dance studios, schools and other commercial applications.

Bullet resistant glazing

Some establishments require bulletproof glasses which tend to be very expensive. Well, the good news is that we provide a cheaper alternative to such glasses in the form of our bullet resistant glazing which is light weight and lesser expensive, giving you the best of both worlds!

We keep a large variety of aluminum frames and glasses ready for installation in our store, which, when bought, can be picked or can be left to us, and we will have it delivered, safely, at your place.