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What is dual-pane insulated glass?

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February 10, 2019
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What is dual-pane insulated glass?

What is insulated glass, and why should you use it

What is insulated glass, and why should you use it?

So, let’s talk about home windows options: What do you need? Single-pane with a storm, double-pane, triple-pane? Which is the best glass window option? Well, what you need to know is that just like most things out there, glass to have evolved. For example, single-pane windows with storm sheets are goddamn outdated!

Long gone are the days of holding on to those storm windows and getting out there every winter, climbing up on ladders, and attaching them to the outside of the windows. You don’t have to go through all these anymore. Dual-pane windows are designed to eliminate these hassles because, as technology advances, life must become smooth.


So, what are the double-pane windows?

Double-pane windows, aka dual-pane windows, are windows designed so that an inert gas can be inserted between two glass panes. The two glass panes are inserted in the window frame then the inert gas is added to create an insulating air pocket that reduces heat loss.

Think of the inert gas barrier as an invisible blanket. The use of inert gas to create an insulating air pocket is clever because it is invisible but still provides that blanket of protection. This concept is called double glazing.

Double glazing makes it possible to eliminate the storm, insert an inert gas that is not toxic e.g., argon, and create an excellent thermal barrier that keeps one comfy come winter or summer. Other


The advantages of double-pane windows.

Superior installation

As already mentioned, dual-pane windows are designed such that an inert gas can be inserted between the two panes to create an insulating air pocket. The inert gas provides superior insulation against heat loss or cold from the outside.


Reduced work

Single-pane windows with storms are labor-intensive and time-consuming because this setup requires the storm window to be removed and stored during spring then reinstalled in the fall and storage of the screens. Now, that sounds like a lot of work, and why would you want to go through all that?

And replacement of storm windows and screens on those upper-stories of the tall buildings is no joke, especially if the storm window frames are large. It involves climbing up and down the ladder repeatedly with each window, trying to hold it in place and securing it with retaining clips its edges. Now double-pane windows are designed to eliminate this headache; the inert gas barrier eliminates the need for storms.


Noise reduction

The insulating air pocket not only provides superior insulation, but it reduces exterior noise disturbances. This makes dual-pane windows beneficial, especially for homes near heavy traffic, industrial activity, etc.


Reduced energy bill

Did you know that for the average American household, energy loss through windows makes up 25 percent of the annual cooling and heating bills? With poor ventilation, therefore, heating and cooling systems overwork come winter and summer. But with dual-panes superior insulation, energy usage is reduced significantly.

According to Steve Poltz, of the Canadian Window Standards Subcommittee, double-glazed windows reduce energy usage during the winter by 24 percent and by 18 percent during the summer. The result is a reduced house heating/cooling bill.


Increased comfort

As said earlier, think of the invisible insulating air pocket as an extra blanket for comfort. Dual-pane windows allow the house occupants to enjoy all rooms without any discomfort because they eliminate hot and cold spots in the home.

Fewer fluctuations in temperature ensure comfort for home occupants. Also, by insulating the home from external noise, especially in urban settings, dual-pane windows provide peace of mind.



Because you will be burning up less fossil fuel, you will be helping to reduce the already runaway carbon footprint. Reduced energy usage puts less pressure on the environment and also, the demand from power grids is reduced, thereby generating a harmless scenario for humans and the environment. Do not only consider the financial gain but also know that dual-pane windows help address global warming.

Therefore, the switch to dual-pane windows should be a priority for everyone who wants to live an environmentally sustainable lifestyle and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


What is insulated glass, and why should you use it


Double-pane windows vs. triple-pen windows?

If you think triple-pen windows provide extra protection, you are wrong. The extra glass only adds weight to the window frame, which ultimately fails due to fluctuation in temperature and other climate conditions. Also, since there’s no way to insulate both layers, condensation starts to form between one of the two panes. Therefore, triple-pen glass windows are not necessary.


Are dual-pane windows tempered glass?

What is insulated glass, and why should you use it

Various types of glass are used to make dual-pane windows. Tempered glass is also an option and may even be a requirement depending on the window and region. Tempered glass is heat-treated such that in case the window shatters, injuries are minimized. Usually, the glass sheet is heated to a certain temperature then cooled rapidly. That way, the outside, and edges cool quickly and compress than the center to strengthen the sheet. Tempered glass breaks into rounded granules if shattered, unlike other types of glass that break into jagged shards. Depending on your region, you will be required to use tempered glass in certain areas of your home: Usually in zones of close human contact, close to a golf course, etc.

Quality of dual-pane structure and installation matters.

Poorly manufactured double-panes can negate desired energy savings. They also lead to condensation between the two panes. Ensure you get the best double-pen window. Always check the:

· Energy star label – to evaluate the window’s energy efficiency.

· NFRC label – To compare the energy efficiency of various dual-pane windows.

· How much inert gas is between the glass

· How long the manufacturer says, the gas will stay in between the glass.

Dual-pane windows need to be replaced every 10-15 years but do not let this discourage you from getting one because the amount saved on energy bills after 10 years will be goddamn enough to pay for new ones!

Also remember, double pane windows are more effective where variation in temperature is significant because they reduce temperature fluctuations making the home more comfortable for occupants. Savings are usually great in winter.

If you live in the San Antonio Texas area then give us a call when you need residential or commercial building glass window replacement.

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