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Tempered Glass in San Antonio Texas

Custom Bullet Resistant Windows
Custom Bullet Resistant Windows
March 29, 2016
professional glass company san antonio texas
Importance of Using a Professional when Replacing Glass
August 23, 2017
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Tempered Glass in San Antonio Texas

Tempered glass san antonio tx

San Antonio Tempered Glass Company

Tempered glass in San Antonio is primarily used in situations when stronger glass is required. It is great for any situation that needs extra safety in case it should crack or break since tempered glass will shatter into thousands of small pieces instead of large, hazardous shards of glass.

Studies have shown that tempered glass is about five times stronger than regular glass. This is due to the fact that during its production, a controlled heating processed is used. This process works by placing the glass into a tempering oven that is set to extreme heat. The glass heats up and then is removed and cooled down quickly. This rapid cooling procedure produces a hard outer layer of glass which is highly resistant to scratches.

Our San Antonio Tempered Glass Services include:

  • Tempered glass in san antonio texasTempered Glass
  • Replacement Glass
  • Window Glass
  • Glass Repair
  • Glass Repairs
  • Glass Replacement
  • Safe Glass
  • Glass Doors
  • Window Glass
  • Window Replacement
  • Glass Window Repair
  • Glass Service

Why San Antonio Should Hire Us For Tempered Glass

Our San Antonio glass replacement experts can make custom sized glass. As a long standing, reputable glass company in San Antonio, we can provide residential glass replacement of all types, for any type of home. Our residential glass replacement and repair services include: tempered glass, window glass, safety glass, window replacement, and glass doors.


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