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Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

Glass replacement in San Antonio Texas
Tips for saving energy this year
September 3, 2014
Glass replacement in San Antonio Texas
Weather Proofing Your Home or Business
September 8, 2014
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Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

Glass replacement in San Antonio Texas

Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

Whether you live in a certain climate or somewhere with varying seasons, you may find yourself with a high energy bill whenever the weather turns extreme. Most people don’t realize that they can considerably lower their energy bills if they take specific measures to reduce temperature changes via window treatments.

For both cold and warm climates, it’s important that you first weather proof your windows. This will prevent any cold or warm air leaving and entering your home.

In colder climates, window installers will usually choose frames that are wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. Another way to keep the cold temperatures out is to install double or triple pane windows. This will provide some insulation for your interiors.

You can also make additions to your windows by either installing storm layers or metallic oxide coating on the interior side of the glass. Doing both of these will help prevent transferring cold temperatures into your home.

Storm panels may be used to warm climates as well. You might also consider reflective film on your windows so that it averts the heat away from the building.

In addition to these methods, you can consider adding awnings, blinds, drapes, and also extra foam insulation around your window frames. These are simple methods you can install on your own, and will keep quite a bit of heat out of your home.

Your energy bill rises most of the time because the inside temperatures of the home are altered due to temperature influences from your windows. This in turn causes you to keep your air conditioning or heater on for prolonged times, thus making you pay more every month. If you were to take the precautions above to try and condition your windows beforehand, you will considerably drop the amount of energy you utilize.

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