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Car windshields and Laminated Glass

Glass replacement in San Antonio Texas
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August 8, 2013
Glass replacement in San Antonio Texas
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November 26, 2013
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Car windshields and Laminated Glass

Glass replacement in San Antonio Texas

Did you know that the windshield on your car never actually breaks or cracks?  I know you are probably saying how is that possible?

Here’s the dynamics of car windshields along with a safety glass called laminated glass.

Your car windshield is made of two pieces of glass sandwiched together with a piece of plastic in between them. So when a rock hits your windshield it actually creates an illusion that your glass cracked, but it is that a little air hole was made and unglued the plastic from the glass creating the crack effect which is really just air.  Ever wonder how when your windshield is repaired, the crack definitely goes away like magic? Well it’s because the serum that is being put into the crack with a syringe, is clear glue that makes the plastic stick back to the glass and only leaves the original little hole where the initial impact took place.

If you stay and watch the person that is doing your windshield repair, you could actually see the steps that take place in repairing the crack and it’s really fast, it’s actually a great skill to have. So with that being said, sometimes businesses have a front door glass that is made out of the same material, this particular glass is called laminated glass and that is why sometimes you see the door with cracks, but not really broken. The glass doesn’t fall apart ,due to the plastic holding it together.

So now you know the mystery behind cracks on a windshield, next time bet your friend that you windshield has plastic they won’t believe you. It’s an easy win…… Don’t forget to call us for your free quote on any glass needs you may have.


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