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Low E Glass

Privacy Glass or One Way Mirrors
August 8, 2013

Low E Glass

Low E?  I don’t understand what it is? Are the glass companies just trying to charge more money for glass?
If you’ve had some glass replaced in your home or business and you hear the word low E, special order, then you know what this glass does and its purpose, but if you haven’t had to change out any specialty glass then you really don’t know what that means.  Well, here’s an easy explanation of Low E.  It is short for Low Emissivity, this special glass has a reflective coating on it, looks like a greenish tint  or blueish purplish tint and this special coating helps the UV rays reflect out of the glass instead of entering into your home or office, it also keeps your home or office cooler. This special glass helps keep the real heat out and not damage any of your curtains or furniture by sun fading them. If you don’t have these types of windows installed in your home or office you can always call us for a FREE quote.  It’s an investment well worth it in the long run when you see your energy bill drop.

Stay tuned for next months post and don’t forget to weather proof your home against this San Antonio Heat!!!

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